Designer on Call

Our Designer on Call service gives you timely, in person access to design assistance without a longer term commitment. With up to two hours in time, we can do as much as you want to achieve. In the past, our clients have used this service to get help with:

  • Designing a furniture floor plan – figure out what pieces and sizes of furniture you need and how they should be placed.
  • A room “do-over” – discuss what to keep, what to add and what to get rid of to make your room more beautiful and functional!
  • Selecting a perfect paint color palette for interior rooms or for the exterior of the house including what paint finishes to use and references for contractors.
  • Selecting rugs, fabric, wall paper or window treatments. Overwhelmed with choices..we can help!
  • Remodel advice – discuss floor plans, resources for materials needed, timeless cabinet, flooring, tile and lighting selections that will last for years.
  • Answering a laundry list of questions. Take me around your home and ask as many questions as our time allows and get answers that you can act on immediately following our time together.
  • Re-arranging shelves or glass cabinets. We can give you suggestions on how to re-arrange what you already have and give you suggestions of things you can purchase to enhance the look.
  • Creating a budget for a project. Not sure what your project is going to cost, we can create one on the spot.
  • You name it, we can help!

Book your designer on call appointment now, I’ll bring the coffee, it will be fun!

The Designer on Call fee is $395. Please email or call to schedule and appointment.

Full Service Assistance

Get the home or business of your dreams!
We will design and place every element from flooring and furniture to the last picture hung on the wall. We will set out all your furniture , both new and existing, style and place accessories including artwork and photos.

We can project manage, source and purchase all elements to ensure a five star finish of your home or business. Detailed budgets that outline all costs involved in the project, including design fees, trades people, furniture, lighting and accessories.

Custom Services

Are you looking for a highly tailored service? One that doesn’t fit the standard approach? We relish the opportunity to meet you in exactly the right way and can craft a personalized approach to meet your unique needs. Please reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for. Some services requested include:

Shopping Assistance. Personal guidance in shopping for: furniture, fabric, wall coverings, decorative accessories, flooring, bath and kitchen fixtures, etc. Avoid costly mistakes with this service.

Accessorizing. The right accessories are like the wrapping and ribbon on a gift. Ideas include: Finishing off your room to tie all your beautiful furnishings together, have glass cabinets styled to look beautiful and coordinated, or have your outdoor entryway designed to increase your curb appeal.

Contractors/Builders. New construction and remodeling. We work with contractors and builders who are looking to simplify their work with assisting the home owner with making all the necessary selections. We also make selections for spec homes that are specifically tailored to the builder’s target audience and highlight the features of the home to attract the perfect buyer.

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